We are a solutions Integrator with key areas of expertise in:

Production Reality Group is a collective of likeminded Australian automation companies that believe in advancing clients production through a strategic collaboration of core automation elements. Innovation is at the core of our culture, and we are continuously working with our ever expanding global network to bring to reality new technologies and processes to drive the business success of our clients.


Our Vision

Production Reality strive to move Australian manufacturing companies that are ‘sleepwalking’that is, being lost and frustrated through a yesterday mindset —to ‘sparkle’that is, flowing and engaged for high productivity through innovation and strategic automation initiatives.

Our Values
Trust & Integrity
Open Communication
Passionate Innovators
Family First


Automation Drivers:
Mindfulness:    Maintain vision for the ‘Factory of the Future’.
Innovation:     Solve the ‘Why’ before the ‘How’.
Strategic:        Achieve ‘Right First time’ through structured approach.
Engagement:  Strive for an engaged team, at one with automation.


Automated Storage & Retrieval Solutions