Flexible, Modular, Fast & Compact Palletising

Production Reality specialise in Palletising solutions to best fit our customer requirements. For Robotic Palletising please go to Robotic Solutions. Below you may learn more about our Layer Palletising solutions.Please contact us if you would like more advice on which solution will best serve your needs.

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Product Potential

Modular Solutions: Four Setups – Endless Opportunities


Stand-alone machine that usually handles a single product flow. Complete unit that usually consists of pallet magazine, product buffer, loading unit and pallet parking for finished pallets.


Several single machines linked together with a common conveyor system for empty pallet and full pallet handling. Standard equipment can be used for pallet marking and stretch film wrapping for multiple product lines. Flexible solution that is easy to expand with additional product lines.


Based on the same technical solution as the single machine, but with integrated pallet switching system for two to four product lines in one machine. A cost effective solution if your production allows for one machine to cover multiple lines.


A further development of Intersystems basic machine. Continuous turning of the products and dual feed lanes enable high capacities, but still providing a space-efficient solution.

Reference Installations


An Inline setup with a ComPact 128 LF to handle independent palletizing on each line with high availability. The system has pallet alignment equipment and optical pallet control.


In 2017, Intersystems installed 4x ComPact 128 LV and a ComPact 128 Multi, to handle products from six production lines. Stretch film wrapping and pallet marking, and an extensive transport system with vertical conveyor is an integral part of the system.


Arla cheese received 3x ComPact Max palletisers which are equipped with continuous product turner, lifting of pallet in load mode and continuous infeed pusher. Empty and full pallet handling is done via AGV on two levels.


A ComPact 128 LF and a ComPact 128 Multi that can handle two product flows were the ideal choice for 3-line palletizing in a limited space. The system includes our continuous vertical conveyor that carries the goods up to the transport level to allow better access around the machines.