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Robotic Solutions

Robots are common place in many factories around the globe, and with very good reason:   Robotic solutions are incredibly efficient at repetitive tasks, lifting heavy weights, or handling dangerous goods. Whilst articulated robot pricing has dropped significantly, it remains important to appreciate that they are only as good as the system design and programming that is built around them. This is where your local needs matter combined with our drive above and beyond to deliver successful solutions that meet them.


We serve Australia in turn-key Robotic Solutions:   Technology and innovation in associated sectors such as vision, and end-of-arm tooling is moving quickly, and we search the global landscape vetting these technologies for suitability in the ANZ market place.

Our local team of designers, engineers, project managers and 40+ service technicians are all well experienced in Australian automation and the specific geographical challenges it brings. We will work with you to design a global best practice solution that is tailored to fit your needs with local support. 

Please feel free to contact us and our Collaboration Partner ‘Robotic Reality’ to see if we can assist your production with a Robotic Solution.



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Typical Solution Fields

Robotics are applicable in many fields, below are just a few applications in which we may assist you. As a solutions provider passionate about innovation, our core offering also includes looking into the unknown for a custom solution to advance Australian manufacturing into a bright future.


Robotic Case/Crate Packing

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Kraft - raw

Robotic Palletising


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Assembly / Inspection



Pick & Place


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Custom Solutions


Custom Vs Modular Cells

Many issues you may face may have already been tackled by others around the globe. As such there are a range of modular solutions based on years of global experience. These solutions may have lower capital expenditure and shorter lead-times to better your ROI.  Please contact us to see if your application can be solved using one of these.


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